Great Graduates: Melinda Reed ~ Peace, Love, and Wax

April 28, 2017

Written by Alyssa Guzman

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Melinda Reed worked in nursing before she graduated from our 600-hour Natural Aesthetics Practitioner program. Although she loved helping people, she needed a more flexible career.

One day, she received a Swina facial gift card from her boyfriend and had an amazing first-time experience! She remembered talking to her student aesthetician and felt like she connected with her because she was a single mom. Afterward, she began looking up aesthetics. Swina called out to her because of the natural, holistic approach to skincare. Looking back, Melinda sees her first-time facial experience as a sign from the Universe. She swina great graduates blog melinda reed waxing the city.pngknew she was on the right path.

Originally, Melinda signed up for the Cosmetic Laser Technician program but was not able to enroll at the time since she was pregnant. Rather, she found her passion in waxing. “Everybody thinks ‘quiet, spa facial, zen’... and that’s nice, but I’m a talker. I love to laugh and interact with people. That’s why waxing worked out for me. I connect with people verbally. Also, only certain people can do this- Connect with them in an awkward stance haha”

Swina was more than learning about skincare. She discovered so much about herself, inspired confidence within, and met her best friend and soul sister, Melanie. She knew what was she was supposed to do with her life without a doubt. She was in the right place. She was hired at European Wax Center before she received her certification, and later became a Cerologist/Studio Lead at Waxing the City in Chandler, AZ (between Ray & 101). “I was looking for something that better suited my personality and spoke to another ‘waxer’ from Waxing the City. I sent my resume and had an amazing phone interview. I felt a kinship with the regional manager. I went to the practical and was hired on the spot!” Both salons are among our fabulous graduate employers. Currently, Melinda provides head-to-toe female and male waxing and manages the Waxing the City Chandler studio. She’s become more involved in the business aspect and looks forward to moving up the chain later on in her life.

success waxing the city swina great graduates Melinda reed quote.pngWhen clients visit Melinda at Waxing the City, they can expect excellent customer service and optimal comfort. She takes her time and does a thorough job. “It’s more than just providing a service. It’s about the relationships and personal interactions [with customers]. You [clients] get that immediate gratification since the results are instant! I live for that!”

One of Melinda’s favorite client success stories is revamping their ruined eyebrows. She calls it, “Brow Rehab.” She transforms their brows and loves to see how it helps boost their confidence. “Anything that makes your feel better is something to be celebrated.” She leaves current students and new grads who hope to follow her footsteps with the following message, “They set you up for success and [you] come prepared in the industry. Having Swina as your school is reputable. People love Swina grads!”


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