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Ravynn Rohner

Ravynn Rohner is one of our inspired writers and the Lead Blog Coordinator for SWIHA – She uses her gifts to support the Motivational Monday, Great Graduates, SWINA Natural Caring, and Info Wednesday blogs! Ravynn graduated from the Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner program in 2014 specializing in Polarity Therapy, Yoga, and Life Coaching. She assists in teaching Transformational Yoga Coaching – which is a powerful way of working one-on-one with people using the hidden language of metaphors, symbolism, and ancient wisdom found in the yoga asanas to tap into one’s divine wisdom and guidance. (If YOU want to be a Guest Blogger for any of our blogs just send your blog info to

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What is Microblading?

 If you don't have any tattoos, it’s probably for one of two reasons. Either you don’t know what you would get, or you have fear: a fear of...

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Organics x (Fruits +Veggies + Protein) =  Great Skin

One of the secrets to great looking skin is a great looking diet filled with organic protein, fruits, and vegetables for the vitamins, minerals,...

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Skin Rejuvenation: The Use of Rosemary from Food to Face

‘Make thee a box of the wood of rosemary and smell to it, and it shall preserve thy youth.’ –Banckes’ Herbal

Rosemary is a well-known herb that...

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The Coconut Synergy: A Superfood Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts …

Original writer: Bradley C. Goss

Coconut pulp, juice, milk, and oil have fed, nourished, and healed many populations around the world for...

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