Holistic Skincare Using Chinese Medicine & Yoga

November 02, 2016

Written by Ravynn Rohner

Diagram-Beauty.jpgAs if acne wasn’t bad enough in your teens, it’s disheartening when a thirty or forty-year old has to deal with wrinkles and acne  at the same time. If you've ever muttered, “Where is my eye-wrinkle crème and acne medication?”, then you get it.  As women, we have a million concealing makeup products at our fingertips, however men, unless willing to face ridicule for wearing concealer, don’t have a lot of options if they’re dealing with breakouts. Everyone take a breath!

There is another way:  based on meridian therapy, we can take a closer look at the location of your blemishes, to determine the message your body is trying to tell you. In Chinese Medicine, or taking a closer look at the body’s meridians (energetic pathways that relate to organs in the body), you may be able to support the corresponding organ or body system to help clear up your face. Double your acne-fighting power by adding a yoga pose or yoga class to your daily routine!

Chin, Jawline, or Neck

Culprit: hormones (men and women)

Treatment: Use products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If there seems to be a routine for your breakouts, use the week before you expect them or when you first notice a bump coming.

Yoga Pose: To support the endocrine system and balance the hormones, simply sit in sukhasana, or Easy Seat and breathe deeply. Check out how to use Ujjayi breathing to calm the body and release toxins.

Swina Skincare Deep Ujjayi Breathing1.jpg

Nose and Forehead

Culprit: stress, spine and nervous system (liver and heart); the sides of the nose is the brochi or lung weakness

Treatment: Try an acne-fighting mask or facial to leave on your face for at least 15 minutes. Spa SWINA can schedule you an appointment right now!

Yoga Pose: Support the spine with a gentle stretch for the vertebrae, as well as calm the nervous system to relieve stress in Standing Forward Fold.


Culprit: polluted air from the city or dirt from your hands or cell phone

Prevention: Bring natural plants into your home to clean the air, or wash hands and cellphone with antibacterial wipes or sanitizer.

Yoga Pose: To detox the body, use your Ujjayi breath while in Seated Forward Fold. This will clean the air in your lungs and body while stimulating the Liver.

Between Eyebrows & Temples

Culprit: too much greasy, processed foods and not enough exercise from poor circulation

Prevention: Drink more water and cut out the pizza and fast food! Add at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise to your daily routine.

Yoga Pose: Downward Facing Dog is wonderful for improving your circulation. Add your Ujjayi breathing technique for optimal toxin removal.

Mouth & Lip Area

Culprit: compromised digestive system

Prevention: Cut out processed and high-fat/sugar foods, gluten, alcohol, and caffeine. Eat more fresh foods, and drink plenty of water.

Yoga Pose: A Seated Twist or Revolved Chair will help flush out the abdominal organs. Deep, rhythmic breathing will assist in toxin removal, as well.

Swina Skincare Deep Ujjayi Breathing2.jpg


If you suffer from chronic acne (reoccurring for a longer length of time) it may be time to speak with a dermatologist or a skin care practitioner, however in the meantime, the most helpful thing you can do is simply support yourself. This might be in the form of healthier eating, book an affordable massage at a student clinic, finding a Life Coach, removing toxic people from your life, or going to that yoga class you’ve been talking about for months. Determine what is the driving force to your stress, or the behaviors and choices you know are not serving you in a healthy way. Before you say, “I can’t do anything about it”, imagine that you can. Based on what you want most out of life, what could it look like, now?

If you have ever dealt with chronic acne and are interested in a career in aesthetics so you can help others, learn more about Southwest Institute of Natural AestheticsSkincare Practitioner programs. Customize a diploma or degree program that also includes Life Coaching, Massage, Yoga Teacher Training or other modalities through SWIHA (healing arts sister-school).

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Written by Ravynn Rohner

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